A Guide to What Works and How

The Book

This site documents the progress of a book, Crowdfunding: A Guide to What Works and Why, and the crowdfunding project behind bringing it into existence.

The book couples well-illustrated essays about projects with how-to advice. The essays will explain the history and development of a project, how the funding period worked, and lessons learned. I’ll also write about Kickstarter and other crowdfunding firms.

The how-to portion will turn that hard-won wisdom from projects (including ones that weren’t funded or failed to complete after receiving funds) and explain how to create, market, and fulfill a project. And how, when you’re done, how to launch another. This includes what you need to do in the weeks or months leading up to launching a project, creating an effective video, handling tax issues, planning a marketing campaign over the duration of a project, and providing updates while the funded activity is being worked on.

The book launched as a Kickstarter project in July 2012, but I pulled it when it was clear that the pledge pricing and other factors weren’t working. Learning from that will go into the book. I’ll launch the project again when I’ve reworked it to correspond to what I’ve learned.

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