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Planning the Video

I knew that for my book project, I would need a video for two reasons.

First, I plan to shoot video of interviews during my travels and research, and will post them to backers of the project (and when the book is out, to a broader audience). Since video is a component of what I’m doing, I needed to demonstrate some of that in the proposal.

Second, Kickstarter says that more projects with video fund than those without. It would foolish of me to not include a video as a result. (Although there’s always the issue of which is causation and which is correlation. Is it perhaps that those people pulled together enough to make a good video are also better organized and focused in other ways.)

I started months ago by asking folks associated with a few crowdfunding efforts if they’d talk in person or by Skype to include in the project. I wrote a script for myself, and after shooting video of other folks, edited it together into a rough narrative and inserted still images.

It took a long, long, long time for me to hone the message for my introduction to the video. With help from my friend Don, who is a documentary filmmaker of a more decades than he would want me to mention, I revised my “story” to better explain why people should trust me to accomplish this project and what I’d bring to the table.

I’m happy with the final results, although I was awfully tired of memorizing my script and reshooting it and making multiple takes by the end.